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03, Jul 2024

Anjani Animal Foundation: A Lifeline for Karnal’s Monkeys

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In the bustling city of Karnal, a hero rides on two wheels, carrying with him not just supplies but hope for hundreds of lives. Pawan Sharma, the heart and soul behind Anjani Animal Foundation, has dedicated the past two years to rescuing and rehabilitating over 100 injured and paralyzed monkeys. This noble endeavor started as a response to the high population of monkeys in the area, many of whom suffer from accidents, electric shocks, and other forms of cruelty. With a compassionate heart and unwavering determination, Pawan has transformed his bike into a mobile rescue unit, providing free care and feeding these animals to ensure their well-being.

The Birth of a Mission

The streets of Karnal are often bustling with activity, and amidst the chaos, monkeys are a common sight. Unfortunately, their close proximity to human habitation has led to numerous accidents and injuries. Two years ago, Pawan Sharma noticed the growing number of injured and starving monkeys in the city. Moved by their plight, he decided to take action. What began as a small effort to feed and care for these animals quickly grew into a full-fledged mission, culminating in the establishment of the Anjani Animal Foundation.

Rescuing the Unseen

Every day, Pawan rides his bike across Karnal, responding to calls about injured or distressed monkeys. Without the luxury of an ambulance, his bike serves as his primary rescue vehicle. Equipped with basic medical supplies and food, Pawan navigates through the city, offering a lifeline to monkeys that would otherwise be left to suffer. His dedication knows no bounds—rain or shine, he is always ready to respond to a call for help. The foundation operates on the principle of providing all services free of cost. This includes not only the rescue operations but also medical treatment, rehabilitation, and feeding. Pawan's compassionate approach has earned him the trust and admiration of the local community, who often reach out to him when they spot a monkey in need.

The Challenges of Care

Caring for over 100 monkeys is no small feat. The animals come to the foundation with a variety of injuries, from broken limbs to severe paralysis caused by electric shocks. Each monkey requires specialized care and attention, and Pawan works tirelessly to ensure they receive the best possible treatment. This includes setting broken bones, administering medication, and providing a safe and nurturing environment for their recovery. Feeding such a large number of monkeys is another significant challenge. As the monkey population in Karnal continues to grow, food resources become scarcer. Pawan started feeding these animals out of necessity, recognizing that many were not getting the sustenance they needed to survive. Every day, he prepares and distributes food, ensuring that no monkey goes hungry. This feeding program has become a cornerstone of the foundation's work, offering much-needed relief to the city's monkey population.

A Community Effort

While Pawan Sharma is the driving force behind Anjani Animal Foundation, he is not alone in his mission. The foundation has garnered support from local residents and volunteers who share his passion for animal welfare. Together, they work to raise awareness about the plight of Karnal's monkeys and the importance of compassion and care for all living beings. Community involvement has been crucial in sustaining the foundation's efforts. Donations of food, medical supplies, and financial support help keep the operations running. Additionally, volunteers assist with feeding, rehabilitation, and rescue missions, allowing the foundation to reach more animals in need.

Looking Ahead: The Need for an Ambulance

Despite the progress made over the past two years, Anjani Animal Foundation faces ongoing challenges. One of the most pressing needs is the acquisition of an ambulance. While Pawan's bike has served as a reliable rescue vehicle, it limits the number of monkeys he can transport at once and the types of medical equipment he can carry. An ambulance would significantly enhance the foundation's ability to respond to emergencies and provide more comprehensive care.

The Power of Compassion

Pawan Sharma's journey with Anjani Animal Foundation is a testament to the power of compassion and the impact one individual can make. His dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating Karnal's monkeys has brought hope and healing to countless animals. Through his tireless efforts, Pawan has not only improved the lives of these monkeys but also inspired a community to come together in support of a noble cause. As the foundation looks to the future, the continued support of donors and volunteers will be essential in sustaining and expanding its efforts. With an ambulance, the foundation can reach even more animals in need, providing them with the care and compassion they deserve. In a world where so many animals are often overlooked, Pawan Sharma and Anjani Animal Foundation stand as beacons of hope, reminding us all of the difference we can make when we choose to care.

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