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03, Jul 2024

Nidhi Jeev Aashray: A Sanctuary for Ram Bhagwan’s Monkeys in Bilaspur

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In the bustling city of Bilaspur, a small but dedicated sanctuary stands as a beacon of hope for a unique group of residents—monkeys devoted to Ram Bhagwan. This sanctuary, known as Nidhi Jeev Aashray, is the heart and soul of Nidhi, a compassionate and determined woman who has taken on the noble task of rescuing and caring for these beautiful creatures.

The Plight of the Monkeys

These monkeys, often seen as symbols of devotion to Ram Bhagwan, face numerous challenges in their urban environment. Many suffer from accidents, electric shocks, and animal cruelty. Their plight is heartbreaking, but Nidhi's unwavering commitment offers them a chance at a better life.

A One-Woman Rescue Mission

Nidhi's journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to save and nurture these monkeys. Without an ambulance or advanced resources, she relies on her trusty scooter to reach monkeys in distress across Bilaspur. This mode of transportation is far from ideal, and the lack of proper medical facilities means that sometimes these innocent beings die in her hands, a heart-wrenching reality that fuels her determination to do more.

A Mother's Love

At Nidhi Jeev Aashray, Nidhi provides more than just shelter and medicine; she offers love and care akin to that of a mother. Each of the 24 monkeys currently residing at the sanctuary has a story of suffering and survival, and Nidhi is dedicated to ensuring they live out their lives in comfort and safety. Given their injuries and trauma, these monkeys cannot return to the wild, making Nidhi's sanctuary their permanent home.

The Urgent Need for an Ambulance

Despite her tireless efforts, Nidhi faces significant challenges, the most pressing being the lack of an ambulance. An ambulance would not only streamline her rescue operations but also increase the number of monkeys she can save. With proper transportation, injured and distressed monkeys could be brought to the sanctuary more swiftly and safely, receiving the urgent care they need.

How You Can Help

Nidhi Jeev Aashray's mission is a testament to the power of compassion and dedication. However, Nidhi cannot do it alone. The sanctuary needs support to continue its life-saving work. Donations, whether monetary or in the form of medical supplies, food, and shelter materials, can make a significant difference. Most importantly, funding for an ambulance is crucial to expanding Nidhi's reach and effectiveness in rescuing and caring for these monkeys.


Nidhi Jeev Aashray is more than just a sanctuary; it's a lifeline for the vulnerable monkeys of Bilaspur. Nidhi's selfless devotion and the sanctuary's mission highlight the profound impact one person can have on the lives of others. With the community's support, Nidhi can continue to provide love, care, and a safe haven for these beautiful souls, ensuring that the legacy of Ram Bhagwan's devotees lives on in peace and dignity. Join the cause and help Nidhi Jeev Aashray make a difference. Your support can save lives and bring hope to those who need it the most.

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