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03, Apr 2024

Pooja Sharma and the Noble Mission of Bright The Soul Foundation

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  • In the bustling city of Delhi, amidst the chaos and noise of everyday life, there exists a beacon of compassion and selflessness named Pooja Sharma. She is the founder of Bright The Soul Foundation, an organization dedicated to performing the last rites for unidentified bodies, pro
  • viding them with a dignified farewell and ensuring that their souls find peace.
  • Pooja's journey into this noble mission is deeply personal and poignant. It all began after she tragically lost her beloved brother in a devastating accident. The pain of that loss propelled her towards a path of service, where she found solace in helping others find closure and respect in their final moments.
  • Since 2022, Pooja has tirelessly devoted herself to this cause, conducting final rites for over 4000 bodies that would have otherwise been left unclaimed and forgotten. Every month, she solemnly performs rituals for around 400 bodies, a testament to her unwavering commitment and compassion.
  • What sets Pooja's work apart is not just the act of performing last rites, but also the profound reverence and care with which she carries out each ceremony. After the rituals are complete, Pooja ensures that the ashes of these departed souls are taken to the holy river Ganga in Haridwar on every Amavasya, a sacred time for purification and spiritual renewal.
  • However, despite her dedication and the impact of her work, Pooja faces significant financial challenges. The cost of performing last rites for a single body amounts to approximately 5000 INR, encompassing the expenses of rituals, cremation, and other logistical arrangements. These expenses have placed a strain on Bright The Soul Foundation's resources, threatening its ability to continue this vital service.
  • One pressing need that Pooja has identified is the acquisition of an ambulance dedicated to transporting bodies from the mortuary to the cremation site. This logistical support is essential for ensuring timely and respectful handling of the deceased, a crucial aspect of their final journey.
  • Pooja Sharma's plea to donors and supporters is a heartfelt one. She acknowledges that without financial assistance, Bright The Soul Foundation may struggle to sustain its operations and continue providing this crucial service to those in need. The foundation urgently requires 25,00,000 INR to purchase the much-needed ambulance, a crucial investment that will facilitate the seamless execution of their mission.
  • To all donors and well-wishers, Pooja Sharma extends a humble request for support. Your contributions, no matter the size, will make a tangible difference in helping Bright The Soul Foundation continue its noble work of honoring the departed and providing solace to their souls.
  • As we reflect on Pooja's journey and the profound impact of Bright The Soul Foundation, let us come together in solidarity and generosity. Your donation can be the lifeline that ensures no soul is left uncared for or forgotten, embodying the spirit of compassion and humanity that defines Pooja Sharma's remarkable mission.

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